Re.Source provides you with

  • National directory of NHS services, searchable by postcode or hospital.
  • A patients nearest NHS provider of services.
  • Instant access to contact details, referral information and on-line referral forms.
  • Results relative to CCG boundaries.
  • Ability to suggest changes and additions to the dataset.
  • Annual subscription, unlimited searches

Re.Source Benefits

  • Save time researching NHS local services.
  • Improve evidence for funding of private care.
  • Provides case / care managers with local NHS knowledge.
  • Improves quality of rehabilitation action plans.
  • Enhances level of support given to patients

Re.Source costs

  • There is a annual subscription fee for non NHS organisations to use the system
  • The rate is per organisation per year
  • You can register multiple users within your organisation
  • Costs start from $150 pa upto $750 pa depending upon the size of your organisation

Organization Registration Form